a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Yesterday Matthew stayed at the hospital all day waiting for Ray to get his surgery. Caroline stayed here with me. Thank you so much to both of you. You were wonderful. Ray is not feeling very well today. He is sitting in his chair with a damp cloth on his forehead and his eyes closed. He prefers that to lying in bed. I would be lying in bed if it were me. But he is different than I am. Ray is still not feeling well from his surgery yesterday.

With all this going on I am the nurse today. Well more like a waitress.. That's okay I am glad to be able to help Ray get better. And suffer less I hope.

Matthew kindly went to the bakery today to get us some bread. We had run out of it. I don't drive Ray's Taurus and I gave my Mustang to Peter because I had not driven it for two years and had promised it to him years before.

Caroline stayed with me all day yesterday. I so appreciate her kindness. Matthew stayed all day with Ray at the hospital.

And today Ray and I are in all day of course.He will sleep and I will work on my laptop. Oh yes and clean up the kitchen. I guess I'll have to take the garbage down too. Then Maybe I'll do some work on the heart quilt for Eve in Quebec. She has asked me for it, she being Nancy. It is good to stay in for a day.
That is all folks, have a good day all.

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