a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Time to write again

Back from the edge folks. I wasn't that long away. What did we do today. I wonder.  I do remember going out for a while. We went to Safeway and then came back home. We tried the health food store where we buy a concoction , a powder that is mixed with water and then drank. It is for my legs. They are very shaky when  I do not take this stuff and when I take it the legs are just fine. Weird isn't it. But whatever works is what I say. But the store was closed today I guess because it is Sunday. We'll try again tomorrow.

We did nothing else today . What a life eh! When we came home all we did was watch TV. Not particularly interesting TV at that.
Right now it is The Big Bang Theory and is about bugs in this episode. Fascinating stuff LOL.

Back home again we just watched TV and I computered. I need to find my facebook. It disappeared from my desk top.I hope someone in my family can take me through the steps to get it back on the desktop where all I have to do is just click to get it. I do wonder where these things go and why they go.  

Today is Peter's birthday. Peter is my third son, right in the middle of 5 sons. I hope he had a lovely day, I did call him and he is coming over this week. I'll be very happy to see him. I hope I can take him for lunch when he gets here. So here it is again....
Happy Birthday dear Peter. I love you. 

Good evening folks, it is a beautiful evening here and I hope you all have such a wonderful night.

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