a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, July 7, 2016

time to say

Take the time to say I love you. It means so much to those you love. I say I love you all for being my dear facebook friends. It is lovely to know you are always there at some point in the day. Also I want to take the time to tell my dear friend Diana Clark Davis that I am thinking of her regularly and wishing her well. I know she is in a huge struggle after the loss of her beloved husband and wish her all the best. Time is of the essence in cases such as this and my dear friend I think of you every day. I pray that each day gets a bit better.

As for me and mine we are all fortunately doing fine. Ray and I have an easy life and a lovely one. 
Today we went to Metrotown to see about updating our passports. It is such a busy thing to do. Today all we were able to do was go to the Post Office to pick up the forms that we need to re apply.  We'll fill those out and take them to the government office on Canada Way, then wait for Canada immigration or whatever we call it to pass them back to us with the appropriate papers.  We have no plans to go anywhere but always like to have our passports updated so if we decide to go it won't be a hassle.

After that we had a cinnamon bun , well half of one and a coffee. We don't go to this store very often but when we do the proprietor sees us coming and makes up our order and puts it out on the table when we sit down. It is lovely to get such good service. We are very lucky.

After the bun and coffee we wandered around Superstore but did not buy anything. Then we went to the book store to look around but I was tired by then and we decided to go home.

Once home I sat in my chair and rested while doing a bit of reading and then computering . Ray was not hungry so I did not make any dinner. I heated up macaroni and cheese for me. Ray is often not hungry and I think he eats when I am not looking LOL. Not too healthy for him but easy for me.

Now we are watching the football game. I am not a sports fan but Ray likes football and hockey. 

It has been a rainy day today and much cooler than it has been lately. I like the rain though, but then I have lived here in the rainforest since 1938 so I had better like it wouldn't you think? Hot weather does not agree with me anyway.

And that is all for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

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