a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Oh dear

Ray is still not well. He is in pain and recovering from the anasthetic. It takes him so long to recover , It is like a poison to his system. He tells the doctor that he cannot handle the anaesthetic but it doesn't seem to register with them. So he suffers for days after a surgery. Well in the end he will feel better I am sure. But it isn' t pleasant to see him like this , not pleasant for him to be like this either.  I hope tomorrow is better.
Matthew and Caroline came over with groceries they had bought for us.  They have been so kind since Ray has been sick. They are always kind but every day since Ray has been ill is quite a great gesture. I do appreciate all their loving kindness.

Richard and Adam are both going to Jim's outdoor party in his property in the wilds of Alberta. Peter and Judith are also there. Lots of friends are joining them there too. It will be a great party for them all. I went there one time and it as fun but I was younger then. Now outdoor partying is a bit out for me. 

I have not heard from Jean for a while I hope all is well with her and Sam. Jean if you are reading give me a shout.

As for me I am fine just muddling along trying to be helpful to Ray and get him whatever he wants and needs. I do mu computer stuff or a bit os sewing. I have not done much sewing lately and I am sorry about that. I will finish off the top of Eve's quilt soon.

That's all for tonight folks. Have a wonderful evening.

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