a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, July 11, 2016

a day in the life

Lovely day in the life of us. The weather was gorgeous again. It has been thus for some time. We went out for a while this morning to go to Safeway and then had a bit of lunch at A&W. That would be a hamburger and coffee for me and a root beer for Ray. 

We had a nice afternoon walking around a bit , then home . Marg came over to bring me some books and I had a couple for her. We had a very nice visit. She and Karen, her daughter, my niece, are going to the USA for a day. I would like to go too but Ray is not interested in crossing the line. It is a pain to do so as we have to go through customs and Ray does not like doing that. 

We did very little this afternoon, just stayed home. I did a bit of knitting and sewed in the loose ends, my pile of dish cloths is building up. The colours are so pretty. Adam wants some to take to Louisiana so there are lots for him.

Tomorrow we are getting the carpets cleaned.  They sure need it. Well around the chairs they need it, the rest of the carpet is fine. Then we'll have to go out while it dries. 

My hands are so sore . They are not happy typing today. I need to take a rest so they will feel better.

So I'll stop for now.  Have a lovely evening.

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