a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, July 25, 2016


Did I miss a post? If so I have a good excuse. Adam is here and we have been visiting. It has been a wonderful visit . He is leaving tomorrow to go to Calgary to see Richard his brother. I will miss him. I have so enjoyed his visit. 

Tonight we went to TOPs for dinner. I had a lovely meal of cabbage  rolls with sour cream. Yum!!  Ray had them too and Adam had a lovely pork chop. We all enjoyed our meal. Sad though it is TOPS is closing in August. It is family owned and the family is moving back to Greece after decades of living in Canada. I have been going there for meals since 1975 and will miss the restaurant and the family greatly. However things always change. The owner tells me that a high rise apartment building will be going up on the site. I hope the family is successful in Greece as they have been here in Canada. Thank you to TOPS and the family. We will have to search for a new restaurant.

In the afternoon we went to the ostomy clinic . I needed to have my ostomy checked to see if all was okay. It was. I am always happy when I get the okay on that.

So we had a full day, it was great.  I like a day when there is lots going on.Although sometimes I do enjoy one that is a bit quieter. Well truth be told I enjoy all my days, they are a blessing. I am thankful for each and every day.

Have a wonderful evening folks.

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