a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

the fix is in

Adam is off with Sam. I think he is coming back tomorrow, probably late in the day. I am not a typist so I have to  look at the keyboard. I am sitting on the almost dark here tonight so far I have made many mistakes as I can't see the keyboard. I fixed the mistakes but I am sure there are more to come. I never had the luxury of typing classes so it is hunt and peck for me although I do use my thumb and two fingers to type. Before I got on the internet I never used a keyboard so this is not easy for me.

Ray and I went out for a while today, it was a gorgeous day,sunny and warm with a very light breeze. My favourite kind of day!!
We went across town to Oakridge, had a coffee and walked around the mall. We bought nothing, but Ray bought a ticket and won $30.

Walking around these city malls takes a while so we get some exercise that way. Not a lot but some which is better than none.
I had a bit of a nap when we got home. It makes me tired these 
days. Being old is a tiring game, but we carry on.

Once home and after the short nap I worked on my laptop/I must remember tp ask Matthew to take down my old computer which is still working and piling up e mail. I want it to stop.

Jim called tonight from Edmonton. He is working on one of his rentals but might come down after that is fixed and rented. I am looking to seeing him again. It is hard for me that three of my sons are all far away and I don't see them very often. Jim is in Edmonton Alberta, Adam is in Lake Charles Louisiana, Richard is in Calgary Alberta and Peter and Matthew are both here in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.
I spoke to Richard tonight, we speak every day. He has ALS as my regular readers know so I feel better that I speak to him often.
Adam is still off with Sam, probably fishing. As I told Adam I son't see the charm in sitting there waiting for a fish to bite. His dad was a great fisherman and he did not like it that I was not interested in the sport. Boring is how it seems to me. Probably what I do is boring to them. We all cannot like the same things. But Adam said he would bring back a halibut for me. Now I like that. LOL

Well it is time to go folks. Have a great evening.

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