a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, July 31, 2016


I had a quick call from Richard today, he, Adam, Peter and Judith and Jim are all up at Jim's property in the woods of Alberta having a good time camping out. Sounds like a great time.

Ray is feeling a bit better today. He ate the chicken noodle soup that Caroline brought over for him. So thank you Caroline, he really enjoyed it.

We had a slow day today, I actually worked a bit on my little quilt for Eve. I think I will do a bit more tonight after this blog is finished. But I am happy to get some work done on this quilt and get it off to Quebec.

Other than that we did not go out or do anything special. When Ray feels better we will go out for a short while. I am looking forward to that. We usually go out every day and now it is five days in the house, not easy for me. Oh well Nan stop whining. I'll go out tomorrow as I have a date with my friend Clairee from Washington state. We have been friends since grade school. I love to see her when she comes here to visit her other friends. so tomorrow will be a good day, oh they are all good days.

Jean has not written to me yet, I hope she is well. Jean if you are reading drop me a line. I'll ask Adam if he has heard from her as he has been friends with her and her husband Sam for a long time.

And that is it for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening, it is beautiful here.

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