a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, July 16, 2016


I am not in the mood for writing tonight but in the mood or not I must persist.
Thinking about what to write is often an issue. Tonight I will write about company. Adam is here or was here yesterday. I think he is at Sam's (his son) home tonight as he is not here LOL. 

Ray and I went to the casino today. I am not sure what Ray did but I lost today. You can't win every time you go, the odds are against it.  But we had a good time. And tonight we are watching a movie on TV. We have  a really good life . I suppose that after a life filled with honest work we deserve a good retirement.  Many are not as fortunate as we are. It is too bad we cannot all have this lovely end of life.  

I talked with Rick tonight for a short chat. Katherine has been with him all day but was just leaving to go home when I called. She is such a blessing to him.  Bless you Katherine. He said that Katie , his daughter, was just coming in as I called. So he has someone with him most of the time. That is a relief to me.
In his blog today he said his ALS is making slow progress, slow is better, it means he will be here longer . I don't want to lose him ever and hope I go first.

Time out folks I am going to bed.

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