a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Just had a call from Ray's daughter Lynn in Quebec. She and I had a short conversation about recipes. We had what I call Hamburger hash tonight. My mom used to make that some evenings for dinner. Mine is sightly different than Mom's but we like it. I saute onion and celery then fry the hamburger until it is brown I add a bit of Worcester sauce and use seasoned salt and garlic. Very tasty. Add water and cook for a while then thicken it with flour and browning powder. It can go over potatoes or on our case because Ray cannot eat potatoes we pour if over bread.
We had a cob of corn each as well. 

I am losing my memory these days . It was Pot Luck last night and we went out and I forgot about pot luck. I am so sorry about that .

We went to the little mall today for a short time and then down to Safeway. After which we went to the Crossings and to Save on foods where I bought the candy I like. Each night when I go to bed I read for a while and have one or two candies. It is a ritual I enjoy.

Take care folks , have a lovely evening.

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