a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, July 4, 2016

Another wonderful weather day

The weather has been fabulous for days. However there is a big fire in Burn's Bog across the bridge and while we live on this side of the bridge the smoke has no problem coming across the bridge. So it is a bit smoky , not really bad but just a bit. The fire goes underground in the bog so it can burn for weeks. 

Ray and I went out for a bit of lunch, a hamburger at A&W up at our little local mall. I had to go for a hair cut. I am never happy for the first week after a cut since it is too short despite that the hairdresser knows not to cut it too short. She even said to me "not too short yes?" But in a week it will be fine. I just need to put up with it for 6 more days.
Ray is in the kitchen running the water while I type. He is making the coffee for the morning and cleaning up. His time line is shorter than mine LOL. He is such a great guy. His mom did a good job on him.
I spent most of the day looking for a piece of fabric for tomorrow. One small square and no matter how I tried I could not find it. It is probably hiding under another piece of fabric. I'll try again later . If I cannot find it I will have to beg Pat's forgiveness. I hope she will give it. I hate it when I lose small items. They are so hard to locate. Maybe if I was neater it might help but at my age I am not going to change much. My mother was so neat and tidy. Her linen closet was so correct you could take a ruler to it and measure the heigth and distances . I always envied her precision and tidiness. I think Marg takes after mom and is neater than me. My dad was careful and tidy too so where did I come from. Somewhere in the long distant past I would guess.

I talked to Richard a while ago, he was busy cooking. He loves to cook. Must have got that from his dad. I don't care to cook, my goodness what am I good for?  But I am happy and I spread happiness around.

That is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening, it is beautiful here.

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