a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

last night

Last night Adam took us all to Grouse Mountain for dinner.  We took a cablecar to the top, the view from there was gorgeous, Vancouver at its best. I have never been up there despite living here most of my life. It was a wonderful time with fabulous food. I was thrilled with the whole evening. There were Adam, Ray and I and Sam and Celeste. I had lamb for dinner , the meal was delicious, the company delightful. I certainly would like to go up the mountain again!   
Thank  you Adam for a lovely time
Today was quieter . We went out briefly and then stayed home for the rest of the day. We went to WalMart where we bought a pile of margarine. We store it in the freezer  until we need it. 

As we usually do after a trip to Walmart we went down the street to Wendy's for a hamburger. Well I had a chicken burger which was very good. We don't often have burgers so it was a treat.

For the rest of the day It was easy. I had a very nice afternoon nap. I seem to be tired a lot lately so I think I'll go to the doctor to see why. Ray thinks my sugar might be too high. I never thought of that.

Adam has gone fishing with Sam, the McBrides all like to go fishing. Their dad ,Mac, was a devoted fisherman all his life. I have never been interested in fishing, find it incredible boring. 

So Ray and I are alone tonight like we usually are. Not that it bothers me. I like our quiet life.  We watch the news of the day at 6:00. Then we watch favourite shows for the rest of the night. I do my computer stuff, or I do some knitting or hand work. It's a good life.

And that is it for today,
Have a great evening folks.

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