a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I did a big forget today. It was /is pot luck night and I forgot about it. Ray and I were out and when we got home there was a message about the pot luck. I am embarrassed about forgetting. There is a lot of apology needed. I guess starting tomorrow I will have to call Diane and say I am sorry as she is the one who picks me up. What's done is done and I cannot fix it. 

My memory is fading and I wonder every time I forget something if it is just non attention, old age or the Alzheimers the doctor diagnosed. I guess it matters not, I forgot and that is that. 

I had a small sewing task to do when I got home. One of my cushion covers which has a Dresden Plate design on it had started to come undone and needed to be sewn down again. So I did that. Also there was the same problem on my butterfly quilt. One butterfly had started to come apart so I sewed that one down too. I like being able to fix things like that. And because I like it all my sewing jobs get done.

I am not reading as much these days as I used to so my book collection is piling up. 

Ray has rheumatoid arthritis and it has been bothering him quite a bit lately. He has to be careful of what he takes for it as his kidneys have been compromised and prednisone is too hard on them. So he has to fall back on Tylenol extra strength for some relief. It does not take away all the pain and he has suffered quite a bit. I wish there was something else he could take. Ray says not but I want to ask the doctor.

And that is all for tonight folks. Thanks for being here. And good evening.

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