a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wait and see

The pump is gone and I am free. No need to think about picking it up every time I move. What a relief that is. I still have to have the pic line in for another two weeks just in case. That means I go to the clinic for a change of dressing next Tuesday and on Wednesday to see the Urologist. Hopefully that will be the end of this illness and I can continue on with my life.
Remember I told you that Ray had to take his slippers back tot he store. I was feeling quilte superior about that only to find out that the jeans I bought last week were Capris and I hate Capris, I had to take them back to exchange for a full leg Jean. Oh my how embarrassed I was about that. And I did not bring the right bill to
the store . I can blame it on my illness LOL, but what was his excuse.... Fortunatley my transaction was in the computer so no problemo. I had wanted to go back anyway to buy a top to go with the rest of my outfit. The great news is that it was on sale and cost me under ten dollars. Love it!!!

We had a bite to eat and walked around the mall for a while.  I bought the latest Fons and Porter magazine. 

it was a lazy afternoon, we did nothing at all. But I am almost revved up now for sewing.
Tomorrow We have to go across the border to get our Nexus pass updated. When we renewed the passports ealrier in the year we had to go to the Nexus office in Washingtopn state to amend the Nexus pass to coincide with the new passport. We had until June to do it. As you all know there was no way I could go there while I was sick and I didn't want to go with the pump pack and the tubing in the pump to my arm. Maybe I am a bit paranoid I was afraid the border guards would thing I was a  terrorist with a bomb packed in my body. It could look like that.
See the pic line as it leads up to the tubing which goes into the pump. It has been a long time but at least I am off the pump.
I forgot the camera today so no new photos but I do have one of the railing on the Knight Street Bridge overlooking the Fraser River.
No not working.
And I lost my blogs too. We'll see what happens next.
Good evening.

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