a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday doings

Salliejean, thank you for the comment, I am feeling better the past few days.What a full day, clinic, groceries , and then as we often do on Saturdays casino. We had a good day there,both of us were lucky but Ray came home with more $$$$ than I did but we were both happy. We have been quite lucky lately.
This morning there were so many cute dogs out this morning but wouldn't you know it I left my camera at home. So no Saturday photos but there are some from yesterday if I can get them off the camera. Last night I was unable to get them from the internal memory.
In the paper this morning there were 2 full pages about dogs and how to choose one that suits your personality. I was going to take the test but I just hate the type of test they were using. The type that has you choose from 8 degrees of data such as 1. Extremely Inaccurate and so on down the line to  #8. Extremely Accurate and all degrees in between.
So I did not take the test LOL You see when you are a senior you don't have to anything you don't want to, nice eh!
However I did read the two pages and enjoyed the information on them about how to purchase a dog. Take care to make inquiries of the breeder as to the parents of the puppies. It really talked about pedigreed pups because you can tell pretty well how they will turn out if you see both parents. Mixed breeds are another thing. One time I saw a dog on the street with very long legs and the body of a Cocker Spaniel. It was quite funny to look at. But I am sure the owner loved it anyway.
There was a list of the smartest dogs from the most intelligent  to the least intelligent. I won't list all 79 breeds but the smartest dog is the Border Collie and the least intelligent is the Afghan Hound and I will not make the obvious comment LOL.
It also listed categories like Friendly, Protective, Independent, Self Assured, Consistent, Steady and Clever. An interesting article if you are a dog lover.
Adam and Lisa were in Salt Lake City for Lisa's nephew's wedding. This is Adam, doesn't he look handsome and distinguished?
Lisa looks so lovely in this photo.

These quilts are from the last guild meeting and they look like very simple patterns that could be used for charity quilts if you can figure out what the block is :)). If not make up your own simple block based on these ones.
Still can't get the photos off the internal memory.
Time for lights out . I have other things to do.
Have a good evening.

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