a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New clothes

I bought a new outfit today ,a pair of jeans and some unmentionables haha.
My new outfits , unmentionables excluded,
 You all know what jeans look like so I did not put them up.
There was an odd truck in the mall parking lot today. It is kind of like that odd house I showed you a couple of days ago. Prepare yourself Jean!!  Jean did not like the house, I say who does , it is just the odd people in Vancouver.
Awful isn't it but very unusual.
Medusa, maybe she is the owner of this vehicle LOL, Don't look too closely or you'll turn to stone.
After all the walking around I had such a sore hip so I took a Tylenol and went for a three hour nap. It was good and when I woke up my hip was not sore. I always swear by sleep as a healing agent for all things that ail you. Try it the next time you get sick and let me know :))
I'm back to the hydro boxes because I found a new one and another new one.
I did see another new one but could not get the photo on the run. Ray could not stop or slow down. Too bad but I'll try another day.
On a quilting list today one of my internet friends said she was making yoyos the old fashioned way until she remembered that she had bought the new yoyo maker. I had to laugh as I was contemplating making some yoyos and had also forgotten that I had bought a yoyo maker and never used it. My friend Betty tried it out when I bought it. She is the champion yoyo maker the old way. Her take on the maker is that she made them faster her way. I'll try it anyway, but it comes with a 14 step set of instructions. Hmmmm.....
A quote. If a picture wasn't going very well I'd put a puppy in it.. Norman Rockwell.
Couldn't agree more LOL.
Now isn't that the truth LOL.
Have a great evening folks.
I am going to try out that yoyo maker.
Bon soir.

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Anonymous said...

That truck, for art sake, is interesting as long as the person doesn't drive it home and park it in their driveway. You wonder what the mental status of the person that made that. Is the person mentally unstable or a genius ? Enjoy your pictures Nan. Are they real plants in the Hydro boxes ? Jean