a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, June 20, 2011

a walk in the park

I had to have the dressing  changed again as the area is itchy. The nurse put a different dressing on the pic line and the itching has stopped for now.
It was a lovely day today the sun shining and warm but not hot. After the visit to the foot doctor we impulsively drove into Central Park and walked around the pond. So that was two walks today, first around the mall and then the park. I paid for it it though, very sore hip but at the time I found it so enjoyable. 
 It doesn't look as if I am enjoying it does it. haha...

The turtles were out sunning themselves on the rocks, the ducks were following us crying for food. Or maybe it was the baby seagulls. Yes that was it. Several classes of school kids were on their year end picnics and having a great time. It was fun to see them. The plants were in bloom , the trees majestic as usual, in summer or in winter they are always marvellous. Lots of interesting pathways , but no Canada geese. Ray said the park official addled thier eggs as there were so many of them and they cause great damage to the grass.
My favourite boys sunning on the rock.

It was a very lovely day for a walk in the park.  Lots of dogs were out walking too.:)) 
This little schnauzer was eager to play with the children in the area but was leashed and could not.
This little terrier was trying to catch the ducks for dinner.
Big boys at the mall, don't get too close to them even though they seemed patient enough.

I was going to prepare some applique today but after the trip in the park I was too tired so took a nap.
The juice man came today LOL. He and Ray have develped a relationship. They like each other and chat while he is here. I am sure it is just a relationship of propinquity, haha!!
That my news of the day.   Have a good evening folks.  
Konnichi wa.

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