a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, June 17, 2011

cool and comfortable

It was very pleasant today, nice and warm in the morning but later cooling off after dinner which we had at TOPS. We both had turkey,dressing, mashed potatoes, and veggies as well as a pre dinner salad. It was delicious. We go there regularly a couple of times a month. 
Earlier we went to Wal Mart for a few things that cost 128 dollars.
I just wanted some new eye cream. All this time in the hospital and 6 months on antibiotics has aged my face by ten years. I think it is because I lost 10 pounds and most of it on my face LOL. Well some on my arms, all the muscle is gone and my arms are wrinkly. I am blaming it all on my illness . You don't think it could be my age do you? LOL.
I did manage to take a picture today as Ray reminded me but I'll need to download it because I can't recall what it was. Another little issue from my illness. Good Lord LOL.
This is the photo , how could I possible have forgotten it. We have watched this house and its decor for the past 24 years as it has grown and developed haha. It has become an icon on this street. It must have becasue no neighbour has complained and one neighbour has joined in and begun to add the same types of things to their yard. Oh  the vagaries of people.

I heard on the news that Louisiana and Texas are in the midst of a drought. Weird weather , we have rivers that are full to the brim right across the country, the Mississippi has run amok in some states and forest fires in Texas are eating up acres of land.
We are watching Tom Sellack in Blue Bloods. I do like Tom Sellack. I liked his other show featuring Jesse Stone. Now something is actually reminding me  that I said something about that show before :))
I took this one yesterday , it is of a golfette course, also known as a Pitch and Putt  LOL. It looks pretty through the trees, even better in reality than in this photo,  I love the look of these magnificant tree trunks.
Time's up! Have a great evening.
Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Call me an old grinch but does that junk stay up all year round ?
I am afraid I would say "NOT in my neighborhood". Organize it into a scene of some sort, not just dumping stuff in the yard without rhyme or reason. Bah Humbug