a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 23, 2011

another rear ender

Hmm My dog photo for today is another taken from the car and the dog slipped away so I only got the hind quarters. Bad news...
However I did get lots of flower pictures at the Chinese vegetable stand. Hop On has lots of fruits and vegetables as well as plants. They are only open for the growing season ,not open in the winter. He has good produce and lovely plants. We only bought edibles LOL.
These lovely hydrangea are the same plant as the blue one on my blog page. They are affected by the degree of alkili or acid in the soil. So plant the pink ones in our soil and it turns blue.
I love lupins and have been looking for a yellow one so where do I find it ? At Hop On's .
And here's another.

Sam is taking us to dinner tonight .We were originally going at 4:30 but he had some business that was going to take a bit more time so it will be 5:30.
Huge baskets at the entrance to The Keg.
I discovered that I have a conflict of times for Tuesday. My clinic time is 10:00 and the eye doctor is for 9:00. However with the eye specialist time means nothing. He always has a room full of patients, half  of whom are waiting for the drops to dilate their pupils and the other half waiting  for the drops that will dilate their pupils. We can never count on getting in for the examination at the appointment time. I need to have both appointments, my antibiotic and the eye scan. My vision is not that good any more and Dr. Finlay thought he saw a small problem at the back of the eye. He needed to take 6 months to see if it grew. Well the 6 months is up. I'll try and get things rearranged tomorrow.
I must finish preparing  my applique pieces today.
First the freezer paper pieces need to be ironed onto the back of the fabric and then I have to cut a 1/4 inch all around each piece so it can be turned over the edge to give a crisp finish. That can be achieved by using a light spraying of starch and then turning the edge with a seam ripper and the iron. That is a great finish for the piece but can be difficult to achieve. The other way is to turn the edge over with your finger and then baste it down. Both ways work fine, it all depends on which method you prefer. Basting is something you can do sitting in your chair watching TV in the evening - or any other time you like :)) And I did not do any of this :((  Tomorrow is another day . Is that called procrastination?
I wanted to find some cat photos but no one lets their cats out any more so I tried the window at the pet shop and there was something wrong with the windows- it appeared to be a different sort of glass and did not lend itself to photographs. See what I mean?
Time to go.
Have a great evening folks.
Goeie naand


Linda said...

Nan, when making the freezer paper templates, make then double thickness. Makes it so much easier to turn the fabric over something firmer. Also spray some starch into the can's cap and then dab the starch on the fabric with a little paint brush. I use a stiff stencil brush and works great.

Anonymous said...

For applique, I use "Turn as you Go" method. I use a toothpick and turn about 1 inch (2.5 cm),crease with your fingers, place applique pin ( 1/2 inch size pin), sew that inch then take the toothpick and turn some more until you finish the whole applique piece. Better control of your turned edge.
Nice neat finished edge. Jean