a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a pump episode

Another pump lapse. We went to the clinic to get the antibiotic and to get the pump reset. Something went wrong at 12:30 when  the pump was supposed to come on for the next dose because the pump said there was no antibiotic , yet the bag was full. Back to the clinic....
The nurse said she had never seen this so she called another nurse who also said she had never seen this happen. But eventually they figured it out. I wonder if they actually knew what went on or is it just like the computer when you click on this or that to make something work right and then you wonder what you did. Or maybe nobody has this problem.
It was 1:00 when we finally got out of there and the pump started to work.  I hope it goes off right at 7:00.  Its 7:00 and the pump came on thank goodness.
We went up to the mall to buy some cortisone as my skin is getting rashed from the tape.
When we came home I was really tired, once again, so I lay down for a bit.
Rick called and said he Carla and Katie were going to drop in. We did have a lovely visit and it was fun to talk to Katie. She is an ambitious lady and is hoping to  go for her Masters as soon as possible.
Oh I forgot to take some pictures, silly me.
I did do a quilting activity today though. I traced out the pieces for my butterfly. You know it has been so long since I did that that I initially forgot what I needed to do but it came back to me though. I was worried there for a bit. LOL
Now I just need to iron it to the fabric and cut it out. I think I only need to make two more. It will be for Charlotte.
This is the original pattern. I used a black pen so that it would be easy to trace using white freezer paper. I traced it on the white side not the shiny side of the freezer paper. I placed it over the pattern moving it around so that I just traced one piece at a time making sure I traced the markings and marked the number/letter of the pieces in this cae A B and the reverse.

Once that was done I cut the pieces out on the line that I had traced from the pattern. You don't need to add the seam allowance at this point.That happens  when it is added to the fabric.

Remember the big boys I put up on the blog yesterday.
Well I am going to add a sign tonight . It is where the big boys were standing.
   In the morning news there were three people ,two women and one man. One of the women was talking but I did not hear a word she said as I was focused on the man who was wearing a tie with all over Grandmother's Flower Garden flowers. LOL
Pretty aren't they-from the park yesterday.
Oh I could not go to Tom's with Kathy tonight - sigh..
Signing off  for the evening. I hope you have a lovely evening.
Good night.

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Anonymous said...

It amazes me,that people actually tie up their dogs outside of stores like that. Here in Delaware, anyway, you would not dare to leave you pet tie up outside the store. First of all, it would not be there when you came out. And second, someone would call the police calling it neglect. And lastly, depending where outside the store you put the pet. The store management might not approve. They would feel like the dog might bite someone. Hence, lawsuit. I like the "Dog Park" idea though. Jean