a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, June 27, 2011

scrap,scrap scrap

 I have always liked this pattern, this is a good tutorial.   I often wonder about the term scrap quilt . Whenever I tried to do a scrap quilt it required  a bit more than scraps. It must be what the term scrap means and I think I have it wrong, I thinks of scraps as little bits of  fabric but in reality in quilting scraps can mean much bigger pieces of fabric that what I term them to be.  My nicest scrap quilt which is Making Tracks is one on which I spent a lot of money. But that was because I wanted certain fabrics that were mostly heritage fabrics, so I can't really blame it on the scrap issue LOL
Sorry can't get the picture up. It is one of my favourite quilts, well aren't they all Haha.

Today the last bag of antibiotic was delivered.  I get it tomorrow
for the following 24 hours and then on Wednesday it is finished. I hope that the bug is dead and I am free of this dreaded infection. It has been 6 months that I have had it and the antibiotics and have been hospitalized 6 times. Believe me I am tired of all this and pray it is fixed. But enough whining for now. I may whine again later in the week LOL.
Ray wanted to go to Richmond to buy some slippers. There is only one store that we know of that sells slippers other than at Christmas. So off we went to Way On Shoes in the Richmond mall.
And they did have the slippers and on sale too. He bought two pair because they seem to wear out quickly.
We went to White Spot for lunch , I had a Legendary burger  of course. But for some reason the legendary was not as good as it used to be. Is it the food or is it me I wonder. Are my taste buds damaged temporarily by all this medication. We'll soon see.
When we got back home Ray tried his new slippers on and he had a size too small so back to the store we go tomorrow. He called the owner and he said no problem to exchange them.
Beautiful fuschia at Hop On's .I love these, Oh for goodness sake what flowers don't I love. haha.  They have such wonderful colours.
Gorgeous displays outside The Keg where we went for prime rib the other night.
Sam gave us a gift card for The Keg. It was a big one, even the waitress remarked on the amount. We still have enough on that card for three dinners.  I need to call him to see when he wants to go for dinner.
Enough of my musings. Have a great evening!
Bonne nuit.

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