a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, June 24, 2011

curves again

Here's a Flowering Snowball. A great curvy quilt block.http://bit.ly/myL9t6
Fantastic pattern. if you are into curves this is the one for you.

More about applique .
And two comments on applique techniques on yesterday's blog "another rear ender" by Jean and Linda. Take a look. Thanks ladies.

Clinic this morning , the dressing had to be changed , as well as the tubing. It took over an hour to do this.
We went to the mall and had a cinnamon bun and coffee and then to Michael's as I wanted to find a pattern for leg warmers. Carla asked me to make her a pair as her legs get cold in the winter. They did not have a pattern. I wanted to find the pattern so I would know the number of stitches to apply and the amount of yarn to purchase. I think I'll try the internet next. There are so many choices for knitting patterns out there.
At our little mall we went to the bakery for bread. There was some construction going on and a dog was sitting in the midst of the workplace. I asked his owner if I could take his photo and he said of course I get at least 40 requests a week for his photo. Isn't that something.
On The Job.....
Waiting for Godot....
I am upset that the pictures on my camera memory card will not come off and Webshots is not responding. So no pictures of the dogs. I'll try later.
Haha Ray is eating a sandwich, leaf lettuce and radish, he makes me laugh as I would never think of that as a filling LOL. However I felt peckish too and had a triangle of  La Vache Qui Rit soft cheese on a cracker. Tasty...
I am feeling pretty perky today, no nap for me. So I will do a bit of ironing, there isn't much, and there is also the applique pieces to do.
Applique pieces after being ironed onto the back side of the fabric and cut with the 1/4 " seam allowance.
Here we have the seam ripper pulling the seam allowance over and the iron ready to press it down.
Ready to applique....
I did not notice that the fabric changed colour so may have to redo the piece on the right.
I am off for the night. If I can get the camera to work I'll add the dog pictures .
Have a beautiful evening folks.
Bon Soir.

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Salliejean said...

You do sound like you are feeling better than you have in a long time. Keep up the good work. (((hugs)))