a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whew I almost forgot

This blog is late because the time just passed on by and I didn't notice.
We went to Washington state this morning to get our Nexus passes updated. Today as I mentioned last night was the final day for that. It didn't take much time as we were just waved in to the desk when we came in the door. Very nice!  And it didn't take very long either. Since we were already in The States we went on to the Silver Reef , just about 15 minutes further on down the road. It was fun , lots of different slots than what we are used to, some the same though. We used our card points to buy lunch which was a buffet, salad and regular buffets. in our casinos you can exchange the points for cash . That's good too LOL. Cash is always good. And we broke even for a change. No wins , no losses. I am tired from a very full and busy day.
I drank so much water today as my mouth is horrible dry. I think it is from the meds I am taking. It appears that I have gained 5 pounds today from all that water.  LOL.
 He looks like I feel LOL...

Free patterns and gift items. Christmas is coming so you had better get busy :))))
More about dogs in the paper today, it is a full week series. Today's was about buying a dog off the internet and the dangers therof. There are many horror stories of people paying good money for a puppy that had an illness and would die shortly after purchase . Of course the seller had disappeared off the face of the earth and the buyer was left with huge vet bills. And crooks selling puppies as Pedigreed without the papers. It is easy to say, it's in the mail. Stuck in the mail since Canada Post was on strike. Or the buyers not able to see both parents and their pedigrees.  It can be an unholy mess .
No photos today again as ,guess what I forgot this time, the SD Card. I left it in the laptop. What an annoyance, I still think my memory is whacked from all the antibiotics.
Did I tell you that I hoped to take some classes in photography to enhance my picture taking? Maybe...... LOL.
Prince William and Kate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Ottawa to huge crowds. They were royally welcomed and took and escorted walk among the crowd, spoke to many, especially the children who were thrilled. So were the old folks  who remembered many royal visits. I remember when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the present Queen's parents, visited Vancouver in 1939. They were in an open car and from where I stood at the side of the road they were perfectly visible. The Queen smiled and waved at me LOL, or so I choose to believe. Another time when we were quilting, we knew the present Queen's cavalcade to the airport was going to drive right by and  we stood at the side of the road once again :)) and she waved at me once again. I don't know if you believe me but that's my story and I plan to stick with it. Haha.
I'm going to try again to get the photos off the camera, well that isn't going to work either. We can't find the camera, must be in the car and neither one of us is going down three floors to the garage.
Have a great evening even if this blog is late.
Bon Soir.


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