a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day to all you fathers on this blog if there are any :)) What did I do for Ray today, Not much but I did take him out for dinner and I gave him $100, He prefers money to things.
Sam and I are taking him to the Keg next week. He received a call from Peter from South Africa, Rick in Sydney, Jack in Quebec. International kids in our family.
We of course had to got to the clinic at 9:30, then came home to do some housework. I have to say that for the first time I did some of the work. I dusted the whole place.... I used to do all the dusting and didn't think anything of it but today It was quite tiring. I need to get in shape LOL. I also helped fold the washing and put it away.
Then I had to work on my PC. I tried to get my embroideries off the computer and there is no way, it just does not work. I will have to get Mary to have a look at it after she and Albert come home for their honeymoon in Orlando Florida. She seems to know what to do. Clever woman.
And I cooked today too, made chili for dinner. You should try moving around the kitchen , getting items out of the cupboards and the fridge, slicing and dicing with this pump, and bag hanging off your arm, it does slow me down somewhat. Poor me! Waa, waa,waa.
Margaret came over this afternoon to get her book back.  That was the one by Nora Roberts, Chasing Fire is the title . It was about forest fires and the men and women who fight them. It was a bit technical but did give a good idea of how that works. It is not just as simple as we think.
This hardy little bush is called Potentilla or sometimes Cinque Foil. It is very popular here and thrives in this climate. It comes in yellow which is the only colour I have seen here, cream,white,orange and even red. I must keep my eyes open for the other colours. Yellow is such a cheerful hue.
Have a lovely evening folks.
Buenos noches.

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Anonymous said...

I can never understand why the spouse gives gifts on Father's Day or Mother's Day. You cooked Ray dinner (chili) and gave him $100 ???
His he your father ? On Mother's day I don't want Sam to give me anything. I am NOT his mother. The children are suppose to honor their parents..Don't quite get it ??