a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Ray is so funny. It is very quiet here. Ray just said I think I'll adopt some kids to play outside and make noise. He loves to hear the kids laughing and playing. It doesn't happen very often, I wonder where the (kids) went, no joyful noises out on the street.It is a beautiful evening. When I was a kid the street would be full of youngsters playing and making noise. That is until the street lights came on. Then it was time to go in and  get ready for bed. We played tag and we skipped rope, played hopscotch on our game written in chalk on the sidewalk. Simple times then. No TV.

Today we went out to the Crossings, had coffee and a salad at Tim's, then to London Drugs where we bought laundry soap. I looked through the magazines but did not buy any today. Then we went to the bakery where we bought a lovely loaf of bread. We had a slice tonight with butter and peanut butter on it. It is our favourite snack , so tasty.

We came up to our little mall in the neighbourhood and bought a scratch ticket. I won three dollars which is what I paid for the ticket so no win there LOL.

Then we came home and I did not have a nap today :>)  . So we watched a few shows before we ate. No cooking when you have bread and peanut butter  haha. My mother hated peanut butter, she said the smell of it made her sick so we only got it on special occasions. We kids loved it and I still do.  I had two siblings my sister Marg whom you know through this blog and a brother Peter who passed away in his mid forties. That was about 40 years ago. He passed on far too early from blocked arteries for which there was no treatment at that time. When I had the same thing they were able to fix me with an arterial ablation or I would have joined Peter early.  Progress is good.

That is all for tonight folks. Have a lovely evening. It is gorgeous here, a beautiful evening.

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