a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Another perfect weather day.  Oops I have to take off my bracelet as it gets in my way when I do my computering. 

Back to the weather, as I said it was beautiful today. We have been blessed lately with fabulous weather. All the windows are open and the air is sweet.

Today Ray and I went to Tim Horton's for a coffee. We came home and later in the day we went to Swiss Chalet for dinner. I had chicken and Ray had ribs. We both enjoyed our meals . we have not gone there before but we will go again. My chicken was moist and tasty , I had a baked potato with the works as well as a chicken leg and gravy. Ray had ribs and cole slaw. He gave me a bit if his cole slaw. It was two very tasty meals. 

Other than that we did not do much. Tonight we are just watching TV as usual. I am obviously writing on my computer which is my evening activity most nights.

I called Rick today but we did not talk very long. He said he is okay. Thank the Lord his ALS seems to have stalled. I pray it stays that way for a long time. Katherine is back home from Hong Kong and that makes Rick happy, me too.

I did a little bit of knitting this evening and will do more after I finish this blog. 

Time to go folks. Have a wonderful evening.

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