a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, June 13, 2016

did we go out

Yes we did for a short while. We went to Safeway and then to the Crossings. At the Crossing we had coffee at Tim Horton's .  That was all we did today. I still have not managed to get to my sewing machine. Tomorrow? You know when every day is a day off then every day is a Saturday too. So today , this particular Saturday LOL  we did little to nothing other than to shop at Safeway and have coffee. My laptop calls to me all the time and I spend way too much time on it to the exclusion of other things. I absolutely need to leave it alone for a while.  Do you readers have this problem too?

I have a friend in Arizona. He is the husband of my dear deceased friend Gail. So we talk. I am happy that he has remained my friend. He always asks after Ray and Ray tells me to tell him he is okay. It is good that we have not lost touch. Wow I had to make several corrections to this paragraph. Definitely I am not a typist LOL.
It is a good thing I am a decent speller.

I am excited Richard is coming in later tonight. I am anxious to see him but I had better get busy and prepare the room for him so that he can lie down and sleep. He will be tired after that long trip. I hope he took two days but knowing him I am sure he pressed on for the whole day. But I think  Ricky is with him and he can help with the drive. He drops off in Abbotsford I think. Then it is still an hour from there to here.

So that is it for tonight unless I come up with something later on tonight. So check back to see.

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