a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, June 20, 2016

keep on shining

More and more the sun just keeps on shining and the days are so  beautiful. Happy Days here.

And on this happy day Ray and I just relaxed . The sun shone through the open windows and the air was fresh. We went out for a short while to enjoy the sunshine as well as buying a few groceries.  I have stiff , sore fingers from arthritis. It is strange that when the weather is gorgeous I hurt the most even though I have been given to understand that the opposite is true. But when the day is grey and damp I feel no pain. A.. Backwards that's me.

However the sun does make me happy but then so does the rain . I am basically happy all the time. Richard is the same even though he has a lot to feel miserable over. Still to feel happy no matter what is one of God's blessings. It is a case of mind over matter in the truest sense. 

I read my book for a while . I like to lay down and read basically because the TV is always on for Ray and interferes with my concentration. He likes TV and I like books. And sometimes TV.
I also like to knit little washcloths. Right now I am making some for Adam who has a friend who asked for them. Once you use these cotton cloths you always want to use them . We use only them. Nothing else works as well. I knit them and stockpile them then give them to friends and family when they indicate they would like some. It is my hobby. And my pleasure. 

That is it for tonight folks.  Have a great evening. We sure will here , it is so beautiful tonight.

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