a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Whoops I am late to the blog once again.  I tend to forget about blogging and do other things but then it comes to me. Yes no blog Nan.
All I have been doing is playing on my laptop.  It has been a very lazy day . We stayed in all day just sitting around. I tend to forget what we have done hours ago. My brain opts out of the whole scenario.  The cleaning lady came today. I feel almost guilty watching her clean while I sit. She is a tiny older Oriental lady. She is funny though and sits on the floor to dust the lower shelves of the TV stand. But that is who we have to do the work. She is capable enough. And we are happy with the work she does.

All I did other than laptopping was to knit a bit. I am now working on a pretty yellow striped dishcloth. My stock is getting up there.
My dear e friend whose husband has been very ill has passed on. The husband that is not my friend. My heart goes out to her.It is a very hard time for her.

I am getting a bit tired tonight and plan to retire early. After I get a bit of reading done first I'll go to bed. I always read first , it relaxes me.
Little to write about tonight so I will sign off and say good night.
Have a lovely evening folks.

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