a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables. Ray is cooking one up now. That will be our supper. We will add butter and salt and that will be a hugely good dinner.
mmmm good.
And it was yummy.

We went to Metrotown this afternoon , walked around and then had an ice cream which we shared. It was in a bowl and had two spoons. We always share an ice cream that way. It makes us feel purer when we share LOL.

We didn't talk to anyone today, too bad. I must call some of my sons and see how they are. It is not always easy to contact them though as they are very busy people.  I will try again later. Maybe they will have landed by then . I just contacted Rick but he was making dinner for Katherine who is just home from her trip. We are all happy she is back home again.

I just called Adam and he informed me that I had called him two days ago. So that's what it all comes down to. I don't remember my own calls. LOL Any way it is very hot down there in Louisiana. He said it is 100 degrees. I would have  a hard time with that temperature  as I do not care for excessive heat. I guess though that everyone there has Air Conditioning just as we have a furnace for heat. They never need a furnace although we do need air conditioning sometimes in the summer.

I tried calling Jim in Edmonton but he was not answering. I understand he is in a musical and that keeps him busy. As well he has a property in the woods out of town where he and his friends  go to have theri parties. They can laugh and sing and make as much noise as they want out there as only the birds hear them and they don't complain.

I see Matthew every two weeks as he is very helpful to Ray and me. But I must give Peter a call . I did call my sister Margaret today to ask about a book. I thought she might want it but she said that it was hers and she had given it to me . These books pop around and I amnot sure where they come from. Marg says she puts her initials in the books she gives to her friends . I will ask her to do that for me too.

I just called Peter but no answer. So now I have called all five of my sons. It feels good. I hope the ones I missed will call me back.

Have a great evening folks.

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