a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday doings

Tuesday is my going to sewing day. All the ladies were there and we all sewed some, talked some and ate some. A very nice morning. 

At four o'clock Paula picked me up and we went to our old school to a party for Anna Lisa who is retiring. It was a great party with so many old friends with whom we worked  for many years. I was so happy to see them all and to talk with them too. I got home about six still feeling great about the good time I had. It is too bad we only see each other at retirements. Jill came over from the Island, it was great to see her again. And it was so kind of her to come all the way from Vancouver Island on the ferry to wish Anna Lisa well.

Tonight Ray and I are relaxing and watching TV. I think I'll go to the bedroom and read my book soon.  I love to read.
I wish I could read in the living room but the TV interferes with my concentration. And Ray does not care to read so it is the bedroom for me.

That is all for tonight. Even though I did a lot today there is not a lot to talk about.

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