a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, June 24, 2016

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I don't feel like writing tonight. I am kind of tired. We did not go out today and all I did was knit dishcloths and do computer. Nothing special went on here.Ray did even less. Since he does not knit there is little he can do except sit. Poor guy LOL.

I am more fortunate, along with knitting I have my laptop to play with and games on it if I feel like doing so. I can sew too if I feel so inclined. There is lots for me to do. We also go out most days to the mall and walk around  there, shop if we want to. For the two of us we walk, shop and go to the casino . We haven't been there for a bit. We like that activity .

But most days we just go for the walk and a coffee, maybe lunch.
Today we did little but go to the mall for lunch and to Chapters the big book store. I bought 2 books and a date book for next year. All things I like to have.

We came home, I had a nap and then read for a while. or maybe I read for a while and had a nap. I love to read and have ever since I learned to read. Actual I don't remember when I couldn't read. And I don't remember learning to read either. Reading has been one of my biggest pleasures . It can take me anywhere in the world. My favourite genre is mysteries. My sister Marg is the same, she loves to read too. So did our brother  Peter who passed away far too early in his 40s. Marg and I still miss him. He would be in his 80s now as he was 16 months younger than me. All my boys except Jim are readers too. 

That is all folks, have a great evening.

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