a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

saddle up

Ah tonight it is late and I am late writing. I play Solitaire and forget about all else. 

But it comes back to me that I have not written my blog yet , so here I am back in the saddle again. We are watching A Little Chaos, a recount of the 17th century French court. A fascinating tale of wealth and privilege. I love historical tales. The truth is in there somewhere even if I have a hard time finding it.

Today was a bit cool and grey,we went to Safeway for my prescriptions.Not a very exciting or interesting day. I did not read much but watched TV. I will read more tonight when I go to bed. 
Knitting up some dishcloths for Adam as he asked for them. I think I have at least six or seven ready now. I don't know how many he wants.  So I'll just keep knitting them until he gets here.

I called Rick today. I need to keep in touch with him regularly because I worry about his health. As you know Rick has ALS and is permanently in a wheel chair as his legs are useless to him. My heart cries for him and wonder why he has been selected by the powers that be to suffer from this terrible disease. He is a cheerful man and deserves more than this. But life is random and we have no choices in what befalls us. I often think about my mom and dad and am grateful they did not live to see this. But Rick is still such a positive person and wears it well. 

We went to TOPS for dinner, an early dinner , half lunch and half dinner. I had a lovely piece of sole with crab and shrimp on top and covered in a great sauce. Couple that with green beens and a serving of soup . Their soups are always very tasty. Food was great and I got out of cooking, nice.

Is this a blog or a diary or a journal. I wonder.

That is it for tonight folks. Have a great evening.

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