a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, June 18, 2016


How the weather has changed. After yesterday's beautiful day today is grey and gloomy. I like these grey days, it is cool and easy to live with. I am not a lover of heat so this is fine by me.
Richard left for Calgary this morning about 10:00. He should be getting into Calgary before long. We had a great visit and I was unhappy to see him go, but time marches on and he needs to get back to his home. Living out of a suitcase is not the most comfortable way to live. I certainly enjoyed having him visit for a while and having the grandchildren and greats come over for a visit..
So it is just Ray and me here now. We are watching a show of British train journeys. When I was young my mom used to send me off to my auntie's by train under the watchful  eye of the train conductor. I was quite young then , not even six but I was well take care of by the train personnel. Times were very different then.

Ray went out today for a few groceries and I stayed home. It was a very quiet day. Nothing exciting happened.

I read for a while and now am watching the Telly as the British call it. It is almost time for the news. I ate some chips and Ray had something else so we are not hungry for supper. Maybe  later. 

I am not happy about cooking so if I can avoid it I will. But at some point there is no choice but to make a good healthy meal .Not tonight though. I'll take something out of the freezer for tomorrow. I wonder what is in there for a decent meal.

There that is all for tonight. Have a lovely evening.

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