a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I don't feel like writing tonight , it feels like I have nothing to say and nothing of any importance. So here goes nothing LOL.

I had to ask Ray what we did today. He said we went to Blue Cross, up to the mall, had a coffee,  bought some bread at the bakery, went to the pharmacy and then came home.

Tonight we are watching Roots. We watched it several years ago when it first came on TV. It is such a moving portrayal of life for the slaves and the struggle they had to gain their freedom and survive. Even though we have seen it once before it is still interesting. And painful to watch.  Also far too many commercials, good audience for this show so they have lots of them.

There is stuff to do in the sewing room if I can call it that but I am not quite up for it. Try again tomorrow. Oh yes tomorrow we meet Bob and Buzz for lunch. I have been looking forward to that all week. I have some books for her.  Marg reads them , we trade books and then when I have read them I like to pass them on to someone else. This time it will be Buzz. 

I plan to read one of my bools later on in the evening. Mostly I read at that time .Our days are very busy and there is no time to read.  So I read when I go to bed. I like that.

I was thinking a lot of my mom and dad today. No reason for that but sometimes I miss them though they have been gone for a long time.  My brother Peter too has been gone a long time. But I still have my sister Marg, she and I are the last of our original family. We each had children and a new family to love and honour. I had five sons and Marg had a son and a daughter.  So life goes on. 

Have a great evening folks.

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