a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, June 12, 2016


It was an easy dinner but one we like to have occasionally. Simple macaroni with tomatoes and smokies. Boil the water, add macaroni, drain the water and add a can of tomatoes. Boil the smokies on the side. Mustard is optional. Easy right? 

As for today we did not even go out . I just read my e mail, wrote a couple of letters, watched some TV , did a couple of loads of laundry and read a bit of my book.

That is all I did today. Tomorrow will be busier. A day of rest is a good day for us oldies. Ray also just rested today. 

We need  to get out tomorrow and stretch our legs a bit.  
I see Father's Day is coming up next weekend. I think Richard will be here And hope he will keep Thursday or Friday evening clear. Hopefully it will be Thursday. I want to take him and Ray out to the Keg for dinner for Father's Day..

I talked to Adam this afternoon. It was a pleasant chat. The weather there in Louisiana is warm , here it is a bit cooler which is how I like it. I would find it very difficult to live that far south.

I love potato chips and a bag lasts me over a week. But this week I did not buy any  chips so I suffer LOL.  Once in a while I forget to buy any and I won't go out for any. So there you have it, no chips until next week.
We grocery shop once a week so if we miss one week we have to wait for the next one to come around. We do not make extra trips.

I assume that the majority of my readers are women and women of my age. If you are my age you no doubt had children and then suffered from hemmroides (sic) . I do suffer and today they caused me a lot of pain even though my youngest is in his 50s. They never seem to go away. So bad day for me.

I cannot seem to get back to my sewing machine despite the fact that I have a quilt for Eve in the works. This week I will commit to working on it . Check me up on it folks. Even a little bit at a time would be a great idea.

And that is the day for me folks. Have a great evening.

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