a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Is my blog missing from last night?  Sometimes I forget to write it or I begin writing and then pop out of the blog to go somewhere else , then forget to come back. Oh well here I am tonight even if there is not much to talk about. I am sure though I will find something.

This is Wednesday but I thought it was Sunday. My mind sure wanders sometimes. Every day is the same so weekends and week days become one and the same. However Ray still knows what day it is LOL.  Of course it is Wednesday , yesterday was Tuesday when I went to my sewing group party. 

Today was a lovely spring day sunny but with a few drops of rain in mid day. I love spring days, warm but not hot. I do not like hot, actually I prefer it a bit cool.

But we had strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. I didn't forget that LOL. 

As for the day I called Adam but the reception was bad and we had to disconnect . I'll call him tomorrow. I there are big storms down there on the gulf. And here it is raining, first in a while. 

We went for haircuts today and then picked up fresh bread. Came home and that was it for the day. Not very busy.

My memory is getting so bad I can't even recall what we had for dinner, not much I suspect as there were no pots to wash.  Ray said no supper just strawberries and whipped cream. Bad boys and girls we are. I still want some real food so will have to think of something to eat.  

I had to take off one of the borders on my heart quilt, the one I am making for our new great granddaughter in Quebec. I must get that finished and sent off before she goes to school LOL.

That is my talk for tonight . visit me again tomorrow. 

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