a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, June 4, 2016


under the banyan tree, where did that come from? It is a comment I have read in my travels and it reminds me of when I was a young woman in my teens or even earlier. I used to love to read, still do. I would have preferred to sit in the house and read even on a fine summer day. My mom would tell me to go outside and do something other than sit around the house. So I would go out with my book tucked somewhere on my person , find a nice tree preferably a willow as it hung to the ground. Then I would crawl up close to the trunk , take out my book and read. Not what my mom intended but then I had my own mind. 
I also used to ride my bike right across the city. It was fun going but such hard work coming back. I had a busy life .
Now at my age I still have a busy life. Lucky me!!
Life is meant to be lived not to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Some like my Richard have a right to feel sorry for themselves but he is so up most of the time. And if not he keeps it to himself. I do admire him so much. Although if he did feel badly and I am sure he does at times I would gladly listen to him and hopefully encourage him.

We did our grocery shopping this morning and in the afternoon we went to the casino. I came home with money to add to my envelope, more than I left with this morning. So good day for me.

We thought about going to a restaurant for a bite to eat but changed our minds and came home for supper. I made a salad for myself and Ray had vegetables and dip that we bought with our groceries. So we ate healthy tonight. But and it is a big BUT I am still hungry. I do not know how vegetarians do it. How do they feel full?

That is all for this evening folks. Have a good one.

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