a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It is evening now. A lovely cool evening ,perfect for watching TV which we are doing.  it is a show of monks and temples. Wctually we are listening not watching. Ray does that a lot. According to the talk the buddhists of the temple have all been murdered. It is too,too sad. Why? Why would anyone do that to innocent monks who are just trying to live a simple life, foinf no harm only good.

Life here goes on as usual, nothing of consequence. I can't even recall what we did today. Each day passes the same way. Did we go out? Did we have a visit?  Did we eat our lunch in a restaurant? What did we do?      We went for haircuts and for lunch at A&W. We have just started to go there recently as we found that we liked the hamburgers there. Then we just came home for a bit of a nap.

I was working on a quilt for Eve but that entailed taking off a narrow border that I had put on and did not like. So you could say I unsewed rather that sewed. Waste of time but then I have to do what I like so that was how it went. Take it off. I have to think now what my plan is for that quilt. I think it will just be a good border. It may be necessary to go to the store for more fabric. Why with all the fabric I have nothing will work for this quilt. It seems to work that way a lot. I have heard other quilters say the same thing.

Time now to make something for Ray and me to eat. Have no idea what but it is time.

Have a lovely evening folks.

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