a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, June 17, 2016

gorgeous day

Beautiful day in Vancouver, yes another one. We are so fortunate to live here in Paradise. I have lived here since 1938 except for a 10 year span when I lived in Victoria and then Halifax. I love Vancouver and on fantastic days like this I recall my youth when I and friends used to go down to the ocean beaches and get a tan. Though for me it was a burn, however I loved living here even then. It is paradise on earth. Not quite the same though as in the 1950s. Times change.  Victoria was a great place to live too. Halifax had its charms but nothing can compare to the easy living west coast. I am so happy to live here.

Times change though and even on a lovely day like today we did not go to the beach. We went to Vancouver General Hospital where I  had pictures taken of my brain. I am not sure why the doctor recommended this XRay but I am sure he will tell me the next time I see him. I'll make an appointment on Monday. After the visit to VGH we stopped off at Dairy Queen for an ice cream sundae, strawberry for me and caramel for Ray. We came home after that and I read my book for a while. Now we are watching the NEWS. We like to keep up on the doings of the day.

I miss the great grandchildren after they go home. They are so precious. And Richard is off today to a dear friend's for dinner and a visit. So I miss having him around too but it won't be long before he goes home to Calgary. I wish he lived here in Vancouver.
So next week it will be just Ray and me.

That is all folks, have a great evening.

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