a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, April 27, 2014



Paper is not dead, is it?


 A modern look for your living room. It is simple and clean looking. Of course blue and white is always a clean look. I remember my first husband's mother making the very same comment in the early 1950s. What was simple then is the same now. The colour scheme is eternal.

I forgot to finish my blog because I have been waiting for Richard to arrive . I was talking to his aunt and friend on Facebook which also occupied me. It was so interesting to chat with them.
So my mind being busy it forgot to remind me about the blog.

We had a visit from Marg today and I had some books for her. She reads a lot as do I and I worried that she had read all the books I gave her but no she had not read any of them, so I was happy about that. She then passes them on to a friend. So we recycle and save the earth. 

But earlier in the day Ray and I went up to London Drugs for water. The cases of water there are just over $3.00 and we bought three cases this time. Now we are prepared for a while. I drink a lot of water to keep my water works working properly, so it was a good buy for us.
I bought a new eye liner pencil only to discover that I had bought one earlier. Found that one at the bottom of my purse. Once again duplicating my purchases.

This is a cute pup, he is Australian. I think he is a blue heeler but am not certain. He has such big ears so he must be able to hear well LOL.

I love this picture, it is precious. Not cute though haha.

Oh my isn't he adorable with his little fur hat on his head. Marg you should like this one.

The Belle of the ball, Sunbonnet Sue all grown up.  

There pretty isn't she . Put  Southern Belle into your browser and she will come up. Lots of them will come up on your screen.

My dear Chelsea blowing up a storm on her sax. She is a fantastic musician. 

Now it is time to go , Rick will be here in a few minutes.

Have a great evening.

Good night.

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