a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Aha another pincushion - adorable

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Pretty tulips for spring. 

We had a great day with Richard today. Mike went downtown and Rick stayed home with Ray and me. The morning passed with Charlotte and Meaghan. Charlotte kept us all laughing and entertained.
Charlotte and Grandpa. Today Charlotte was going by the names of  Belle and Turtle. I prefer Belle as she  is a beautiful little girl.  She entertained us all morning with her stories and singing. I have a china doll that sits in a rocking chair. Charlotte loves to sit in that chair and today she sat rocking the doll and singing lullabies to here. It was so precious.

Meaghan checking out something.

In the afternoon we went up to Metrotown for a coffee and a Dairy Queen treat. Rick had a Peanut Buster Parfait , Ray and I shared a small ice cream,  no toppings. 
Rick and me at Metrotown.

We came home and relaxed then ordered up a pizza ,  tsaziki and oysters. It was very tasty. 

Mike came back here and finished off the pizza.
We are having a lazy evening now.
I have a lot of quilts today but too many to put up now. 

Ray's great grandchildren Hayley Rose and Julie Ann. Such nice little girls. We have so many lovely little girls in the family. Soon there will be a little boy and that will be so nice too.

So the night is over for me. I hope you all are getting a good sleep.

Good night folks.

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