a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, April 28, 2014


It has been good to have Richard with us overnight and for most of the morning. 
He and Mike arrived last night. Mike went down town this morning around 11:00 and Rick went the other direction to Abbotsford on business at 1:00. So we were all by ourselves again.
Our visit with Richard was good . I was happy to see his ALS is still not moving very fast and other than his legs being paralyzed he is looking good and performing pretty well. I hope this lasts for a long time and he has more life left to live. He is still a cheerful man, it is amazing to me how he carries on so well. I admire him and his will to fight his fate.
Tonight he and Mike are meeting their friends the 2 friends named Chris and brother Peter.
I hope Rick does not get too tired as it is not good for him but keeping up with things is hard.  
Ray and I went to Safeway to pick up prescriptions, we had a coffee at Starbucks and then came home. I had a short nap. It doesn't take much to tire me out either. Old age? But I recover well.

Our Precious Rose picking Daisies for mommy. What a sweetheart she is.


Nice quilt with different planes. The colours are good for this theme.
And I like the straight set too.

Good things here at robinquiltsetc.com

Isn't this a great picture. Volkswagons are good for this kind of fun.I like the fancy look.

Download now as a pdf pattern
Flying Dutchman is the name of this block of the day.

When this kitten poked his head up on my computer this morning I fell in love with him.  Hoe could you not.

Nested Churn Dash in bright colours and polka dots. I have no pattern but it looks good so here it is.
Ah I found the pattern here it is.

That pretty well wraps it up for tonight.

Have a great evening.
Good night.

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