a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, April 25, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern

Double Windmill

Lots of tutorials on this site.

Sweet little quilt for a sweet little girl. This is made by an independent designer. You can find her here. http://bit.ly/QtER0z

And these two beauties are my grandson and my great grandson after taking a swim of a mile and more.
I told them they both looked clean haha. But they both look lovely and healthy. Adam is such a lovely boy and so is his dad.

Adam left early this morning to go back to Louisiana and home to Lake Charles.  Lisa will be happy to have him back home.  We certainly enjoyed his visit. He cam over at 4:00 yesterday for an hour . It was a quiet visit as we all watched a movie, Blood Alley with John Wayne.  It was good, took place in China. 

Today we went up to our little mall and we met Janet there. We had a great chat and agreed to get together with several other ladies  that we once got together with and had lunch or tea. We both missed that so Janet said she would try and make a date with all the others for a luncheon. I am looking forward to that. All the other ladies were mothers of my students. They were all in the same year and we just clicked . We kept up with each other over the years until 2011 when  I was sick and in the hospital for the year. Then it all seemed to lapsed. So Janet said she would like to start it again and so would I. Looking forward to a re entry to that group.
And Janet if you are reading make sure I take pictures LOL.

Last night Kathy and I went to Cake Therapy. The cake last night was lemon squares and it was very good. There was a trunk show of items the ladies had made, then a demo of the current project which was an apron. Tom had made the project and funny guy that he is he had on two aprons. He is a man of tremendous energy. Too bad he can't share LOL. 

When I got home I was terrible tired  so I went right to bed and fell asleep immediately. I woke up at 7:35 this morning. I wonder what hit me.  But I am good today. 


Klever kittie. He'll go far.

These young elephants got intoxicated on fermented fruit and were playing around. Now they have collapsed in a heap LOL.

Isn't this beautiful. Appliqued reds and green on muslin, so classical and fabulous. I want it LOL.

Time to go folks. 

Have a wonderful spring evening. It is a fine night for a walk.

Good night.

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