a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, April 26, 2014

a lazy day

Off to the grocery store this morning for the weeks groceries but we did not buy much and probably will need to go again in the middle of next week. Rick and his friend Mike will be here so we will need food. 

We came home , did not even go to Tim Horton's for coffee. That was because I did not fell too well, sore throat and sniffles. So we came home and for some magical reason the aches and pains all went away. Weird. But good.  
We made sandwiches for lunch, tomato this time with mayo. Very good, I loved mine . Ray made it , he makes the most delicious sandwiches and they look so good. Presentation is all!!

Anyway I sat in my chair all afternoon and played on my laptop.  And that was the day.
Ray worked a lot as he finished doing all the housework . Now he is resting. 

After we have dinner I hope to get to sewing some of the blocks I have from the guild. Guild is in 2 weeks so I need to get them all finished. I'm kind of mad at myself for wasting the afternoon sitting and playing but it is too late now for regrets. Nothing will change things.  I should do something tomorrow afternoon if we stay home.

Block of the Day.  Five Star is the name of this block.  interesting how it begins with a nine patch and branches out to squares and half square triangles.    Download now as a pdf pattern 

A beautiful place to rest your head. The lovely hexagons make for a lovely pillow cover.  I think I should make one of these.

Good advice as usual from Mrs. Bobbin, a wise woman :>)

These painted tires make a gorgeous colourful planter for plants of course. LOL.

My lovely granddaughter Chelsea celebrating her graduation from Humber University with two friends all of who are accomplished musicians.  Congratulations!! 

Now  fro dogs and other non human creatures.

Take it and run....  

What a precious little boy, isn't his face beautiful. He looks so approachable.

Some people love English bulldogs but they are not  one of my favourite dogs because they are ugly to my mind. I am sorry if that offends some of you . I would not do anything to hurt one though and I understand that they can be loving and kind dogs.

I love this beautiful photo . It is in Newfoundland.   Nanna is hanging up her quilts to air them out for  winter use.

Somewhat frazzled , that is how I feel too some days.

And that is the end.
Have a wonderful evening folks.

Good night.

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