a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

back to normal

Time to get started and here is a simple yet effective quilt to get you going.
It has been a nice quiet day for us. After the nurse was finished we went to Metrotown . It was packed. Being in a wheelchair does not protect you from injury. People just walk right into you or in one case on my foot.  Not that anything was really damaged but if one of them had fallen on me it could have been disastrous. We went along to the Bay for an egg sandwich. It was the worst egg sandwich we ever had and the Bay used to make super ones. Why do businesses do things like that?
We watched a marathon of Holmes on Homes this afternoon. some of the houses were almost falling down they were so bad. They had to rebuild them from the ground up.  And now I am watching Murder She Wrote.
Jelly rolls, my mother used to make cakes called jelly rolls but now we make quilts with them. LOL. Here is a good place to take a look at jelly roll quilts and a few other things.
I kind of miss the babies, they were so much fun yesterday. And it was wonderful to see all the grandchildren.
And Santa is on his way
Nice   picture of my sweetheart who is preparing my super right now. Once this turkey is gone I am going back to eating more soup.
The three Musketeers, Sam grinning, Rick no smile and Jim no face, eyes down and not paying attention to the camera. I have noticed that my sons all have a picture /camera face,no smiling.
There Santa is laughing,because it's time for he and me to go!!

Dobri noce

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