a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, December 23, 2011

late again

Today was full of things to do. We waited for the lady who gives me a shower and when she didn't make it at 9:00 we waited for a while and Ray helped me. Then she, Emily, came after 10:00 . Well about that time the nurse came to do the antibiotic . I spoke to Emily regarding the time frame that would work for me. She went back to her supervisor with my suggestions, the supervisor called and she needs to work it out on the timetable.
Ray and I went to TOPS for lunch, we ordered Shepherd's Pie and salad. It was  delicious, but way too big a portion so we had it again for dinner. Neither of us like to cook any more so we eat dinner out more often so we can have a decent meal.

Then we had to do a bit of shopping for the Christmas dinner even though Rick is going to cook it.

We have had some white Pyrex dishing for years but lately Ray has been breaking them, I wonder why. LOL.
We hunted down a store on Fraser Street that carries all kinds of housewares. I waited in the car as the store was too crowded  for the wheelchair and Ray went in a found what he wanted. We just had three of these dishes but the packages had 5 in it. $200 later we were back on the road. But we are both happy with our purchase. Merry Christmas to us.
Margaret came over for a visit and to return my clock, Ray was out at Safeway so we turned off the TV and chatted. It was Karin's birthday today, Karin is Marg's daughter. She was hoping that the baby would be born on her birthday.
Then Peter came for a visit , it was great to see him and to hear of his experiences in Hong Kong. He had a fine time and some funny tales to tell. For instance he went to the floating restaurant , can't remember the name , and ordered Peking Duck. No,no,no said the waitress too much food for one person. She was insistent and ordered him something else, pork, chicken, He said it was good.
Now we are waiting for Jim to arrive. He dropped Rick off in Abbotsford for the night.
You may be wondering why I have not been taking pictures lately. It is because I am pretty well stuck in this chair and when in the car I'm not fast enough.
Baby pictures.
first weigh in, first of many :))

I too am very tired now so off I go.
Have a great evening folks.

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Diana Davis said...

I would think that lady would come when you need her!

On the other hand the baby pic is just precious!