a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, December 22, 2011

a treat

Wow this is a great Christmas gift. Have a look and see if there one you would like to make.
Ray and I were out for nearly three hours today as I felt quite good.
We had our Chinese food lunch at the mall, then we went to Sears . I thought I might buy a new outfit  , one that would fit me since my clothes are all too big now since I lost 24 pounds . The selection was just awful,colours were dark and dreary except for dresses that looked like cheap gold lame . I could not find one single thing I liked.
I liked this but it didn't fit -too small.
LOL. Well one can dream can't one!!!
I am sitting here eating an orange, a mandarin of course. While I was in the hospital Ray used to slice up a navel orange and bring it to me.
Ray just talked to his sister in Winnipeg 
whose cancer was in remission. Her white blood  count is back up again. We are praying it does not  mean the cancer has returned.
I guess you are all getting ready for the big day. Ray and I are being well pampered this Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Matthew and Caroline are  bringing dinner over and on  Christmas Day Rick is making turkey dinner for us and Jim as well as Sam. They all said
neither of us would have to clean up. Darned good thing, I would just fall over LOL.
I  just called Mary to see how she is. She is still pretty tired, not much sleep I guess. But both she and Rose are well which is the main thing. She said she is downloading pictures to her computer so we'll have some new ones soon.
That the end of my story.
Have a good night.


Amy said...

So glad to hear you were feeling great today!

Diana Davis said...

That's awesome that they all took care of the food and the clean up! That's the way it should be! :^)