a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, December 30, 2011

sites to see

Videos on this channel. You may have to register but there is no fee. At least I did not pay anything. Alex Anderson and  Ricky  Tims host this site. Keep scrolling and find the jigsaw puzzle.

I just bought the cutest designs from this site. They are called Couch Potatoes. It is as it says an embroidery site. The digitizers in New Zealand produce some wonderful designs.
Winter cutie. He's going downhill on his tush LOL.
If you are out and about on the mountains with your skis, a warning- The weather has been unseasonally warm , the snow is soft and wet and that lends itself to avalanches. Stay out of the back country. Three young people were caught in such a situation this week and did not make it out alive, a word to the wise.

What a pretty quilt nine patches and triangles. I'm sure there are instructions but I don't seem to be able to locate them. If I do then I'll put them up. Until then enjoy the pretty quilt.

Couldn't quite resist this one. Too cute!!
We went grocery shopping  this afternoon, it was a madhouse. We bought a ham but who knows when we'll cook it. After eating the ham Ray makes green pea soup. It is just delicious. I must get after him to cook that ham.
Happy New Year.
Feliz Ano Nuevo
This just came in,it relates to yesterday's blog about the twister design and the twister ruler. Many thanks to ang.

Take i piece of a 5" plexiglass square you can get cut at hardware store measure in 1.5" on each side draw the X and you got a twister tool for half the cost or even you cardboard cut into 5" and do the same thing way cheaper. making mine tomorrow so i dont have to spend any money on mine

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Karin said...

I made some good pea soup the other day = yummy