a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

something fun and useful

So useful for travelling to classes or sewing groups as it carries all the items you may want to use and in one place too.

http://quiltsatcs.blogspot.com/2007/04/disappearing-9-patch-tutorial.html  http://psiquilt.com/2009/03/disappearing-9-patch-tutorial-super.html

Two tutorials on how to make a disappearing 9 patch. I think that it looks better in a controlled colourway such as in the purple one made from charm squares.
Charlotte is beginning to read LOL. Look!!
She is such a clever girl LOL.
Doesn't she look adorable, Charlotte always knows when she is the centre of attention .
Such a full day today, the shower lady came first, then the nurse for the antibiotic, the usual stuff, The cleaning lady came next and then Peter and his cousin Liz, on his dad's side, came for a visit. We enjoyed the visit. Peter said that he was going to South Korea on business, glad it isn't North Korea and hope it is not near the border.  I think he said Inchon was the place he was going to.
One wonders what my happen along that border after all the funeral events are over.
Adam called today and put little Adam on the phone. It is much easier to talk to him now that he is 9 years old. While we were talking  Rick's call cut into our conversation. It was really weird. Adam is in Louisiana and Rick is in Alberta. We must have crossed wires somehow.
The last person to come today was the man who
delivers the anti biotic for the week.
Whew a full day!!
Our girls having fun at Christmas.
Meaghan, Charlotte making trouble haha, Katie in from the great white north , Fort MacMurray , Mary and baby Rose still sleeping through the noise LOL.
Did you get snow today, we had a temperature of 12' today , no rain , but it is coming!
That is the news for tonight.
Bonne Annee.

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